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Ritsu Sakuma Appeal Talk 1.png

Yo, producer. Thanks for lending me your sleeping bag again today."

Location: ES Hallway
Character response: ""
新しい寝袋を買ったから..... Appeal Star
Character response: "良かったら使って?余計な出費だったんじゃない?でもまぁ、そういうことなら使わせてもらうよ~

Use it if you want? Wasn't that an unnecessary expense? But, well, if that's how it is I'll use it~"

Character response: ""
Correct Choice: 新しい寝袋を買ったから.....

Ritsu Sakuma Appeal Talk 2.png
Location: Vocal Room
ソファがあるから Because there's a sofa.
Character response: ""
歌が聞こえるから Because I can hear singing.
Character response: ""
ピアノがあるから Because there's a piano. Appeal Star
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: ピアノがあるから

Ritsu Sakuma Appeal Talk 3.png
Location: Drink Stand
期間限定ドリンクにしようかな Maybe I'll get a limited edition drink.
Character response: ""
凛月スペシャルを頼んでいい? Can I ask for a Ritsu special? Appeal Star
Character response: "チャレンジャーだねぇ。いいよ、つくってあげる。今日はどの飲み物を混ぜようかな~ ♪

You're a challenger. Sure, I'll make something for you. What kind of drink should I mix today~♪"

水を飲もうかな Maybe I'll drink some water.
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: 凛月スペシャルを頼んでいい?