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Mayoi Ayase Appeal Talk 1.png
"あんずさん、こんにちはあああ♪ ダンスルームに行くなら近道を教えますよあぁ♪"

"Hello there, Anzu-saaan ♪ You're heading to the Dance Room, yes? I can show you a shortcut ♪"

Location: ES Hallway
何で行き先を知ってるの? Why do you know where I'm going? Small Blue Stat Piece
Character response: "もちろん、あんずさんのことを見守っていたからですよ。ふふ、ふふふふ……♪"

"Naturally because I am watching over you, Anzu-san. Hehe, hehehehe... ♪"

近道って? A shortcut? Appeal Star
Character response: "私だけが知っている、秘密の通路があるんです。さぁさぁ、私についてきてください♪"

"There is a secret passageway that only I know about. Come, do follow me to its location ♪"

何か怖いな That's kinda scary. Dance Note
Character response: "怖いなんてそんな。闇に連れ込んであんずさんを私だけのものに……。なんて思っていませんよ。ええ、本当に♪"

"My, for what reason would it be? To drag you into the darkness and make you my own... is something I would never think of doing. I truly never would, yes ♪"

Correct Choice: A shortcut? (近道って?)

Mayoi Ayase Appeal Talk 2.png

Hehe, hehehehe... the available dessert having grapes makes me sooooo very happy... ♪"

Location: Staff Canteen
笑い声、怪しいよ You sound suspicious when you laugh. Performance Note
Character response: "はっ、すみませんすみません。つい嬉しくて笑ってしまいました。怪しくてすみませえぇええん……!"

"Ah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...! I'm sorry, I was just so happy I couldn't help but laugh, I'm sorry for being so suspicioooous...!"

私のもあげるね I'll give you mine too. Small Red Stat Piece
Character response: "いえ、そんな『プロデューサー』さんのものをもらうなどおこがましい。どうかご自分で食べてください"

"No, no, it would be purely impudent of me to accept such from you, producer...! Please, do eat the portion given to you."

葡萄が好きなの? Do you like grapes? Appeal Star
Character response: "はい♪ 噛むとぷちりと弾ける皮に滴る果汁……。あぁ、早く食べたいですねえぇええ♪"

"I dooo ♪ The way the juice bursts from within as you pierce the skin with your teeth... Ahh, I want to eat them as soon as I caaaan ♪"

Correct Choice: Do you like grapes? (葡萄が好きなの?)

Mayoi Ayase Appeal Talk 3.png

"Hehe, hehehe... A day of fun, fuuuun lessons begins once again... ♪"

Location: Dance Room
楽しそうですね You look like you're having fun. Appeal Star
Character response: "この楽しい時間をすこしでも長く続けるためにはやっぱり……。ふふ、こちらの話ですのでお気になさらず♪"

"And for this fun time to last just a bit longer, I need to... Hehe, I'm merely talking to myself, so please pay me no mind ♪"

練習熱心ですね You're sure pumped up for practice. Small Yellow Stat Piece
Character response: "うっ……まっすぐな信頼が逆に辛いです……。いえ、何でもありませんよ? ええ、本当に"

"Eep... such blind faith is a bit painful in its own way... Ah, no, it's nothing, really."

楽しい……? Fun...? Vocal Note
Character response: "うっ。私、怪しまれてますね。すみませんすみません、怪しくてすみません……"

"Eep... You're suspecting me of something, aren't you? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for being so suspicious...!"

Correct Choice: You look like you're having fun. (楽しそうですね)