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Makoto Yuuki Appeal Talk 1.png

Producer, where is the next meeting's place?"

Location: ES Hallway
ダンスルームだった気が…… Maybe dance room... Vocal Note
Character response: ""
空中庭園かな Maybe Hanging garden Small Yellow Stat Piece
Character response: ""
ミーティングルームだよ Meeting room surely Appeal Star
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: ミーティングルームだよ

Makoto Yuuki Appeal Talk 2.png
"わっ、 『プロデューサー』ちゃんお茶を流れてくれてありがとう部屋にあわせて縁茶にしてくれたんだね♪

Woo, it's thankful that you have prepared tea for me. There is tea prepared in the room indeed."

Location: Dojo
熱いから冷まして飲んでね It's hot. Drink it after cooling off Small Red Stat Piece
Character response: ""
お茶菓子はケーキなんだ The refreshment is cake Performance Note
Character response: ""
畳には緑茶だよね I think the green tea matches the tatami greatly. Appeal Star
Character response: "うんうん。日本人らしい感じでいいよね~。それじゃ、冷めないうちにお茶いただくね♪

Yes,the feeling of Japenese makes me good. I will drink it before it cool down."

Correct Choice: 畳には緑茶だよね

Makoto Yuuki Appeal Talk 3.png
"あっ、 『プロデューサー』ちゃん。 『プロデューサー』ちゃんも休憩しに来たの?

Ah, producer. Did you also come here for a break?"

Location: Hanging Garden
ちょっと休みたくて I want to get a rest Dance Note
Character response: ""
書類仕事をしてたら疲れちゃって I get tired after document processing Appeal Star
Character response: ""
今日は個人のお仕事? Do you have personal work? Small Blue Stat Piece
Character response: "うん。『情報部』関連でちょっと仕事があるんだ。内容は……今は秘密にしておきたいかな♪"
Correct Choice: 書類仕事をしてたら疲れちゃって