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Keito Hasumi Appeal Talk 1.png

Producer, good timing. I want to make a brand-new folding fan for the live. Which pattern do you think will be good?"

Location: ES Hallway
無地の金 The plain gold. Small Yellow Stat Piece
Character response: "随分と派手だな……。いや、次のライブは夜に行う予定だから、むしろ目立って良いかもしれん"

It’s very flashy. Hm, I plan to go to my next live concert in the evening, so it may be rather conspicuous."

桜柄 The cherry blossom pattern. Performance Note
Character response: "実は、既に以前のライブで桜柄は使っていてな……。別のものにしてもらえるとありがたい"

The truth is, I already used the cherry blossom pattern before…. I’d appreciate it if you gave me a different idea."

流水柄 The running water/stream pattern. Appeal Star
Character response: "あぁ、それは思いついていなかったな。よし、次のライブはそれにしよう。『プロデューサー』、感謝する"

Ah, I hadn’t thought of that. Alright, let’s do that next live concert. Producer, I appreciate the idea."

Correct Choice: 流水柄

Keito Hasumi Appeal Talk 2.png

Cough, cough...Hm? What’s wrong, Producer? Did you think that I was coughing because I caught a cold?"

Location: RhyLink Office
医務室まで付き添います I’ll accompany you to the medical office. Small Blue Stat Piece
Character response: "いや、気管に飲み物が入って噎せただけだ。心配そうな顔をしなくても大丈夫だからな

No need, my drink just went down the wrong pipe. You don’t have to make such a worried face."

大丈夫ですか? Are you okay? Appeal Star
Character response: "うむ、飲み物で噎せただけだ。風邪をひいたわけではないので、心配はいらんぞ

Yes, I just choked on a drink. I didn’t catch a cold, so don't worry."

鬼の霍乱ですね Even the devil can get sunstroke, I see. Vocal Note
Character response: "風邪ではないから大丈夫だ。それと、霍乱は日射病や食中毒のことを指すから、風邪の意味で使うのは誤用だぞ

I didn't catch a cold so I'm fine. Oh, and that expression refers to heatstroke and food poisoning it's incorrect to use it about a cold."

Correct Choice: 大丈夫ですか?

Keito Hasumi Appeal Talk 3.png

Ah, so you were here, Producer. I’d like to ask you about the work that was discussed during the meeting the other day."

Location: ES Hallway
ちょうど私も話そうと思ってて Ah, I was just thinking I needed to talk to you about it. Appeal Star
Character response: "そうか、ならば声をかけて正解だったな。ここで話すのも何だ。ミーティングルームに移動するぞ

I see, so I was right to reach out to you. We shouldn't discuss it here. Let's move to a meeting room."

今、先方の連絡待ちで…… Right now, I’m waiting for the other party to contact me… Small Red Stat Piece
Character response: "ふむ……もどかしいが、致し方あるまい。進展があったら知らせてほしい。頼んだぞ

Hmm…It’s frustrating, but there’s no other way. Please let me know if there’s progress. I’m counting on you."

あっ…… Ah... Dance Note
Character response: "ふむ、暫く先の話だから保留していたのか……。まぁ、それなら仕方がないか

Hm...It’s too soon to discuss it now so it’s on hold for the moment, huh? Well then, there’s nothing I can do about it."

Correct Choice: ちょうど私も話そうと思ってて