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Hiyori Tomoe Appeal Talk 1.png

"Ah, it's you, Anzu-chan. The timing is just right. I'm here to shop, so how about it, Anzu-chan?"

Location: Saison Avenue
あそこに新しい店が出来ましたよ There's a new store over there. Appeal Star
Character response: "へぇ、それはぼくも知らなかったね。あんずちゃん、良かったら案内してほしいね……♪"

"Hmm, I didn't know that. Anzu-chan, if you want to, I'd like you to show me around...♪"

えぇっと、はい…… Uhm, yes... Small Red Stat Piece
Character response: "うんうん。付き合いも大事な仕事のうちだからね。それじゃ、次はあそこのお店に入ろうね♪"

"Good, good. Socializing is an important part of the job, you know. Well then, let's go into that store over there next♪"

すでに大量の買い物が…… I already have a lot of groceries... Performance Note
Character response: "寮の部屋に入り切らないんじゃないかって?入らなかったら、同室の子の荷物を減らしてもらうから問題ないね!"

"You're worried you won't be able to fit into your dorm room? Well, if you can't fit inside, you'll just have to reduce your roommate's luggage. It's no problem at all!"

Correct Choice: あそこに新しい店が出来ましたよ

Hiyori Tomoe Appeal Talk 2.png

"It's not a bad idea to work out once in a while. Let's sweat it out together, Anzu-chan♪"

Location: Training Room
すみません、 仕事があって I'm sorry, I have work to do. Vocal Note
Character response: "もう、あっという間に行っちゃったね。ひとりだとつもらないね。悪い日和……!"

"Ahh, and she's already gone. It's boring being alone. What foul weather...![1]"

恐れおおいです…… I'm afraid... Small Yellow Stat Piece
Character response: "遠慮するんてもったいないね。ぼくと一緒にトレーニング出来る幸運をちゃんと噛みしめるといいね"

"It would be a shame to hold back. You're lucky to get to train with me."

よろしくお願いします! Please take good care of me! Appeal Star
Character response: "うんうん、 良い返事だね。 マシンの使い方はジュンくんから聞いてるから、 早速始めるね♪"

"Good, good, that's a good response. Jun-kun told me how to use the machine, so let's get started right away♪"

Correct Choice: よろしくお願いします!

Hiyori Tomoe Appeal Talk 3.png

"Hm? Well well well, if it isn't Anzu-chan? What are you doing in CosPro's office?"

Location: CosPro Office
お、お仕事できました! I- I have a job to do! Small Blue Stat Piece
Character response: "あはは。ガチガチに緊張しちゃってるね。深呼吸して落ちつくといいね!"

"Ahaha. You're frozen stiff. Take a deep breath and calm down!"

今日はよろしくお願いします! Please take care of me today! Appeal Star
Character response: "あぁ、今日はあんずちゃんがぼくたちをプロデュースするんだっけ。うん、こちらこそよろしくね……☆"

"Ahh, Anzu-chan is producing us today. Yes, please take care of me too...☆"

ま、間違えました! I- I made a mistake! Dance Note
Character response: "あっ……。ダッシュで出て行っちゃった、逃げるように去らなくてもいいのにね?"

"Ah...she left with a dash. You don't have to run off like that, you know?"

Correct Choice: 今日はよろしくお願いします!

  1. Warui Hiyori...!