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Arashi Narukami Appeal Talk 1.png

"Ufufu. There are so many wonderful outfits here, I can't help but admire them♪"

Location: Dressing Room
試着してみる? Do you want to try them on? Vocal Note
Character response: "う~ん……。勝手に着て破ったりしたらいけないし、遠慮しておくわァ"

"Mmm...I don't want to wear it just for my own convenience and tear it by accident, so I'll refrain from doing that."

これとか似合いそう This would fit you. Appeal Star
Character response: "あら、女王さまの衣装じゃない♪ 身体に衣装を当てて……。ふふっ、女王鳴上嵐よ、みんな跪きなさい♪"

"Oh my, if it isn't the Queen's costume♪ Put the costume on my body and...Fufu, everyone, kneel down to Queen Arashi Narukami♪"

何がお気に入り? Which one is your favourite? Small Red Stat Piece
Character response: "やっぱりお姫さまの衣装かしら。ふふ、『プロデューサー』ちゃんに似合いそうね♪"

"Definitely the Princess' costume. Fufu, I'm sure it would fit Producer-chan well♪"

Correct Choice: これとか似合うそう

Arashi Narukami Appeal Talk 2.png

"Oh my, Producer-chan. You seem a little down. If you don't mind, you can talk to me, you know?"

Location: Resting Room
ありがとう Thank you. Small Yellow Stat Piece
Character response: "あん、お礼なんていいのよォ。アタシと『プロデューサー』ちゃんの仲じゃない、気にしないで?"

"No, you don't need to thank me. We're friends, right? So don't worry about it."

そんな、悪いよ I don't want to trouble you. Dance Note
Character response: "あらあら水臭いわねェ。いつも相談に乗ってもらってるんだし、たまにはアタシにも相談して頂戴"

"My my, there's no need to be so distant. You're always there for me, so I can help you from time to time too."

仕事で失敗しちゃって…… I messed up at work... Appeal Star
Character response: "誰だってそういうことあるわよォ。愚痴はここでぜんぶ吐き出しちゃいなさい。アタシが付きあってあげる♪"

"It happens to all of us. You can vent out all your frustrations to me. I'll be here for you♪"

Correct Choice: 仕事で失敗しちゃって……

Arashi Narukami Appeal Talk 3.png

"Hey, Producer-chan. Do you know where my lip balm is? I left it over here."

Location: Simple Studio
これのこと? This one? Appeal Star
Character response: "そう、それよォ!アタシのだとわかって、預かっててくれたのねェ。ウフフ、ありがとう♪"

"Yes, that's the one! You held on to it for me because you knew it was mine, right? Ufufu, thank you♪"

事務所に届けたよ I sent it to the office. Small Blue Stat Piece
Character response: "本当!?良かった。あれ、アタシのお気に入りなの。あとで取りに行くわね♪"

"Really!? Thank goodness. That one is my favourite. I'll go get it later♪"

見てないよ I haven't seen it. Performance Note
Character response: "あら、そうなのねェ?んもう、どこへいっちゃったのかしら……?"

"My, is that so? Gosh, where did it go...?"

Correct Choice: これのこと?