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"Ensemble Stars!!" App Theme Song: BRAND NEW STARS!! is a single featuring a song performed by ES All Stars, which refers to all the idols at Ensemble Square, as well as the teachers of Yumenosaki. It is the theme song of Ensemble Stars!! Basic and Ensemble Stars!! Music. It also comes with an ES All Stars arrangement of Walk with your smile and instrumental versions of both songs.

Track Listing


    - Lyrics: Saori Codama (こだま さおり)
    - Composition: Satoru Kuwabara (桑原 聖) - Arte Refact
    - Arrangement: Masatomi Waki (脇 眞富) - Arte Refact
  2. Walk with your smile

    - Lyrics: Yohei Matsui (松井洋平)
    - Composition / Arrangement: Tomohiro Nakatsuchi (中土智博)
  3. BRAND NEW STARS!! (Instrumental)
  4. Walk with your smile (Instrumental)