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The protagonist and the first student to enroll in the Producer Course. Anzu is meant to be the player. She is characterized as a shy girl with a quiet voice, but is nonetheless hardworking.

In Ensemble Stars!, Anzu was the sole student in the producer course and managed the idols as part of her school activities. As of the Ensemble Stars!! timeline, she works with the idols as a member of the P-Association.

Players can change her name if desired.


Timid and kind, Anzu is a hard-working, self-sacrificing young woman with a mischievous and tomboyish side to her. While she was made into a producer on a whim[1], she takes her job very seriously.

Coming from a strict and corrupt prep school[2], Anzu has a strong sense of justice, a quality that left her with no hesitation to help Trickstar carry out their revolution. Sharing their same desire for freedom and fairness, she’s rightfully described as their Goddess of Victory[3]. Though she had turned into a gloomy, dejected person after the events of Paradise, she found new hope upon meeting idols, especially Trickstar[4]. Her gratefulness towards idols manifests as the hard work and dedication that she puts in supporting them, sometimes to a fault; she often has to be reminded to take a break, and has gotten hospitalized from overworking multiple times.[5][6]

Possibly as a consequence of the bullying that she suffered during her first year of high school[4][7], Anzu has a quiet presence and rarely speaks; when she does, it’s in a soft, gentle voice that often has people repeat what she just said. She remarks that she was never good at being self-assertive.

During Ensemble Stars!, she tends to have a playful attitude when interacting with other characters, often teasing or pranking them. She can sometimes go too far and resort to violence, something that the idols tend to point out.

Anzu doesn’t care much for her physical appearance, especially during her second year. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform or her PE clothes[8], and doesn’t wear make-up or perfume.


Anzu is a girl with short, shoulder-length brown hair and light blue eyes. In the game, multiple characters imply that Anzu is of below average height, and Mitsuru notes that she is shorter than him. In the anime, she is shorter than Hajime.

During her second year, she wears a pink cardigan and Yumenosaki Academy's blue blazer over her Kimisaki Academy uniform, and wears tights. Although she wears a blue ribbon bow in the game, in the anime and the second manga, she wears a blue tie.

In Ensemble Stars!!, her hair is kept up in a ponytail.[9]


Anzu is the default name for the player. It is possibly derived from the game's title, "Ensemble Stars!" (Ansanburu Sutaazu), taking the An from Ansanburu and the zu from Sutaazu.

Similarly, her nickname in Ensemble Girls! was Angie, taking the An from Ansanburu and the G from Garusu.


  • Anzu is constantly noted to be a workaholic by the other characters, and, when given dialogue choices in minievents, she often remarks on how she'd like to have more work to do. This is likely meant to be an explanation for why she's involved with so many stories, as many stories happen concurrently.
  • She's the older step-sister of the protagonist of Ensemble Girls!. They were confirmed to be step-siblings in the Ensemble Girls! story Sleeping Beauty.
  • Her brother is mentioned to be in the general course at Yumenosaki Academy.[10] At the beginning of Anzu's third year, though, he transfers to Kimisaki Academy.
  • Before she transferred to Yumenosaki Academy, she was the president of the Tea Ceremony Club at her previous school, Kimisaki Academy.
  • Anzu was supposed to transfer to the normal course, but for some reason transferred to the producer course instead.
  • Anzu is not featured in the first manga adaptation or the stage plays. However, she is featured in the second manga adaptation, the novel, and the anime.
  • Anzu's student records appear in the anime, but the text on them is blurred. Some fans believe the text under her birthday resembles the date October 8th (10/8). However, Anzu's birthday has not been confirmed by any official sources.
  • Anzu's childhood dream was to be a baker.
  • Aside from creating outfits and overseeing lives, Anzu has also composed songs. This is a skill she learned from Leo.
  • Sora described her color as "His favorite shade of "light blue"[11].
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