Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
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Location: Amusement Park (Attractions)
Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

Oh~, what a crowd! Even though it’s this time on a weekday, there’s still people coming here to play, huh?

Nazuna Nito Summer School Dialogue Render

There’s a lot of popular attractions in this area, after all~. Umm, I guess we’ll hold the “Live Party” over there?

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

Seems like it. I was hoping to get an idea of what kind of live to have once I saw the venue in person, but I’m at a loss.

Nazuna Nito Summer School Dialogue Render

Well, it is an unconventional live~. When I heard about the “Live Party” from Anzu, it made me tilt my head in confusion.

The “Live Party” is a new style of event where all units base their sessions on songs from the main idol.

Our main purpose may be to promote that idol, but we’ll be able to present our own songs as well.

The idol who’s performing that day is a bigshot, so I think we can expect quite the crowd. It’s the perfect chance to get our names known by more people ♪

...Well, even if it’s a good job, there’s still a point of concern.

There’ll be lots of units… And moreover, most of them seem to be unknown groups.

If we get the timing wrong, we might crash into them during the performance.

And there’s also a chance some kind of accident will happen, like our songs overlapping.

We’ll have to watch the flow of things, and sometimes we’ll have to ad-lib, too. If you think about it that way, the difficulty level is actually pretty high~?

I’m worried about Hajime-chin in particular. He’s good at singing, but when it comes to his performance… or rather, dancing, there’s some unreliable sides to him.

Well. That’s why I’m hoping for this “Live Party” to be a good test of his abilities, though.

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

That’s the opposite from us~. Well, I wouldn’t say that dancing is our specialty, but we are pros at ad-libbing ♪

During our lives, Aniki often thinks “It’d be interesting to do it this way~” and changes the performance on the fly.

Aniki always says baseless stuff like “It’s fine, it’s fine! If it’s Yuuta-kun, he can do it!”, too.

It makes me want to retort that he should try to put himself in my shoes for once, since he always drags me into it.

Whoops… I’m sorry for complaining.

Nazuna Nito Summer School Dialogue Render

It’s fine. 2wink has a lot going on, huh~?

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

...Umm, Nito-senpai. If it’s okay with you, could we hold joint lessons?

I think it’s important to hold lessons with the other unit if you’re gonna co-perform. Maybe we’ll be able to help you guys out…

I’m sorry for saying something so self-important when we’re just a puny unit. There’s a chance we’ll just drag you down, so in that case, I apologize…

Nazuna Nito Summer School Dialogue Render

No, I’d say our units are about on the same level. Also, there’s no need to be self-deprecating and call yourself puny, okay~?

I think you’re doing really well for a unit of first years. If anything, I think you should be proud of yourselves.

We’ll be in your care as well, Yuuta-chin. I think things will go well between us and 2wink~♪

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

I think we’ll do well with Ra*bits, too ♪

Uwaah, I’m more motivated than ever! Nito-senpai, can we walk around together for a little longer?

Nazuna Nito Summer School Dialogue Render

I don’t mind. I’m sure those guys want to keep playing at the amusement park for a while longer, too.

Yuuta-chin. Let’s make the “Live Party” a roaring success together~♪

Translation: Bakemonoremy
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