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As part of the ES operations department, Akiomi acts as supporting staff for the idols. Despite his serious, stern personality, he's often strict with his juniors for the sake of helping them grow.

As a teacher in Yumenosaki Academy, he provides educational guidance and classes to the students as well. Once a former model and idol, he also offers advice as an alumnus of the school.

Ensemble Stars! Introduction

Fast-paced, serious, and high-strung, Akiomi is harsh on both himself and others. He's in charge of the idols' specialized curriculum and student guidance, and he also acts as the advisor of the Student Council. He's courteous and polite, but has a sarcastic manner of speaking. He can't help but give cautionary warnings to students who concern him, no matter how slight the reason may be.

He used to be a multi-talented idol who started his career in modeling, but has since resigned and become a teacher instead. He's known the school doctor Jin Sagami since his days in the entertainment world.


Akiomi is a tall man with short brown hair, cut just below his ears. His bangs part to the left. He has narrow, light purple eyes. He also wears thin black rimmed glasses.

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Akiomi is a tall man with short brown hair, cut just below his ears. His bangs part to the left. He has narrow, light purple eyes. He also wears thin black rimmed glasses. He wears a brown suit with black buttons, with the jacket left unbuttoned. He also wears a wine-colored vest with black buttons, completely done up. Underneath his vest, he wears a white shirt, along with a green tie. His pants match the jacket's color, and he wears dark brown dress shoes. He wears a silver watch with a black face on his left arm.




  • He was an underclassman of Subaru's father.
  • He used to love a girl, but it turned out that she was Jin, who was crossdressing.
  • Sora described his color as "Usually hidden somewhere hard to see[1], but in Rainbow, it was a fun color, shining with seven colors".

Voice Actor Comment

"Among the characters in this work, Kunugi is one of the few teachers. His speech may come across as harsh, and upon the first impression, he appears somewhat dull. At first, it was quite hard for me to portray Kunugi-sensei, who's the polar opposite of me. But as I found out that he actually cares a lot about his students, I ended up having a lot of fun in this role.
Indeed, Kunugi-sensei may be super sadistic, but every now and then, he'd show you his gentleness, too, so please make sure not to miss those rare moments!" (Enstars!)

"" * (Enstars!!)

Akiomi Kunugi
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