Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Automatically unlocked
Aira Shiratori Sub Story Part 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: Starmaker Production Lobby

He~y, Producer-san! Got a second?

…Uh, you are the producer, right? I’ve heard the seniors call you that, so…?

Fufufu, I got it right? What a relief ♪ Then let me introduce myself - I’m Aira Shiratori!

I’m a new student at Yumenosaki Academy, and part of StarPro! Please take care of me from now on, okay?

Hm? Oh, yeah, handshake~! Airabuuu ♪ [1]

Also! I’m changing the subject, but what I called out to you for, Producer-san… Are there any extra concert tickets that didn’t get sold?

Please! If there’s any, give ‘em to me! I started over a new life this month and had to spend a bunch, so my wallet’s totally empty!

But I’ve got an incurable disease where my heart’ll stop beating if I don’t see concerts on a regular basis! Mhm, I’ve got that kind of lovesickness ♪

I really love idols! I love love love love them! This is how much I love them, thi~s much! (jumps up while spreading both his hands wide)

Mmhmm. That’s why I entered Yumenosaki Academy - to become an idol!

I like ‘em that much, and like, you get really good at something if you love it - that kinda thing, y’know?

Well, I wouldn’t say I’m any “good”, though… Since I’m kinda falling behind.

Anyway! I’m good with anything, so just gimme something that smells of idols!

Doesn’t matter if they’re leftovers or something! I won’t ask them for free, either…! You’ll help me a bunch if you could just give ‘em to me for cheap!

You can’t? Selling or giving away the agency's goods whenever you like is a big no? It’d be violating the rules?

So that’s how it is… Sorry, I wasn’t thinking at all. I swear I wasn’t trying to bother you or anything… I’m really sorry, so please forgive me, okay?

Still… I just so badly wanted to be a little closer to idols... even just a tinsy little bit.

Because I love, love, love them…

…Huh? What’re you tugging my clothes for?

Eh? I can taste-test a sample of the food they plan to sell at the concert venue? And you’ll even introduce me to a job as a back-up dancer?

Oooh, I’m soo happy! Lovely~! ☆

Back-up dancers get to see idols up close and personal, so! I’ll be right in range to feel their sweat flying off of them…. Ufufufufu~♪

Oops, I’m drooling… Ehehe ♪ Just forget you saw that, okay?

Anyway, thanks so much, Producer-san!

You’re trying your very best to think up something in order to grant my wish, right?

I’d been deprived of kindness like yours, so I’m really happy~!

Seriously though, thank you so super much! I hope we can get along for a long, long time, Producer-san! Airabuuu ♪

  1. He makes a pun off of his name, あいら, and the phrase, "I love you", since they sound phonetically similar.
Translation: Bella
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