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An idol who's an idol-loving fanatic. He's a quarter French, with his mother being half French, half Japanese. With a sociable personality, Aira is bright and fearless. Though he does have common sense, there are times he'll accept anything he's told without question. He has an innocent and boyish singing voice, and his performances offer a glimpse into something lovely.

Aira is a member of Starmaker Production's ALKALOID.[1]

I’m Aira Shiratori! I loveloveloooove idols! I’m just a newbie, so I’m not at all a proper idol yet, but I won’t lose to anyone when it comes to knowledge about and love for idols~! Going forward, I’m gonna climb to the top of the idol world and send all my love to my fans, so it’d make me suuuper happy if you could watch over me as I do so![1]

Our unit, ALKALOID, has only just been created. However, all of us get along surprisingly well considering how recently we met. This especially goes for my relationship with Aira; he tells me a great deal about idols, and we offer each other advice during practice. When I am with Aira, I learn much about the outside world, and I have never before had companions who share a common goal with me! I am sincerely grateful to know him![1]

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Aira is an average boy with an average build. He has short blond hair and bright green colored eyes. He wears the school's uniform during school, and he wears his casual (spring-summer) outfit outside of school.

On stage, Aira wears the ALKALOID uniform, which is a shirt that is half turquoise, half black with a black jacket that has a white stripe with red hearts. He wears black gloves and white pants with a belt that has red and black diamonds, and he also wears black high heeled boots. Aira also wears a black hat with red and gold stripes and an ALKALOID symbol on top of a turquoise diamond.


Aira is an idol-loving kid with a sweet personality, although he can also be very tsundere as often seen with Hiiro.

With a huge stock of idol merch that he won’t let anyone get near, you can tell he’s very protective of the things and people he loves and won’t let anyone get to them. He idolizes many idols in ES and is often left in awe and gets flustered whenever an idol, such as Subaru Akehoshi talk to him.

He constantly feels like he’s lacking behind other idols and practices hard to catch up to them. Aira gets very ecstatic whenever people around him talk about idols and goes on rants and spills out a whole bunch of idol-y facts. He often uses “rabu” or “love” as a term to describe or express his love toward them.

He loves his unitmates a lot and thinks of them highly, often envious on how fast Hiiro is excelling despite not knowing anything about idols. Though saying things harshly toward people, he truly means the best behind the rough sentencing.


The name Aira means "indigo" (藍) (ai) and "good, virtuous, respectable" (良) (ra).

Aira's surname Shiratori means "white" (白) (shira) and "bird" (鳥) (tori). The characters in his surname can also be read together as hakuchou (白鳥), which means "swan".


  • During the Main Story, he shared a room with the rest of ALKALOID at Starmony Dorm.
  • According to a 4gamer interview with Akira, Aira's character archetype is "an idol fanboy" (藍良がドルオタ).
  • Aira and Kohaku Oukawa were previously online friends before they met in person during the events of the Ensemble Stars!! main story. His online handle is implied to be "Love" (ラブ) since Kohaku refers to him as "Love-han" (ラブはん), though he has also used "Love-Swan" (ラブスワン) as a pseudonym when sending letters to an idol radio program, so it is unclear if "Love" was his full handle or if it's just an abbreviated version of the full thing.[2]
  • He has a habit of buying an excessive amount of idol merch, to the point where his parents lecture him about it.[3]
  • He views his family life as being so normal that it's boring, and as a result he has an interest in people who are more unusual than he is.[4]

Voice Actor Comment

"Hello, I am Kouhei Amasaki. This time, I'm responsible for voicing Alkaloid's Aira Shiratori. Among Alkaloid, I feel his role is the loveliest to play. There were so many idol-like lines throughout the script that I was able to play around with various deliveries while recording. Please watch over Aira Shiratori without fail!!"[1][5]

Aira Shiratori
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