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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Student Council Room
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Hey, Anzu-chan.

Welcome to the student council room. Would you like some tea? It's been getting quite cold recently, so it's a good idea to warm up your body from the inside.... ♪

What's wrong? Don't be so scared. I'm hurt, fufufu... ♪

Well, I did just push onto you quite the tall order. It's little surprise that you'd be wary.

Alright, sit over there. Be at ease — I'm not going to talk for too long.

[cough cough] My health starts to decline during winter, after all...

It was around this time last year when I got hospitalized. To be on the safe side, I've been staying in the student council room, where there's heating.

All the other members of the student council are all busy working, so I was lonely having nobody to talk to.

I'm thankful that you'd show up when I called you over.

Anyway, I didn't call you over just for idle chat, although I won't mind doing this over tea. Would it be alright to ask you for a favour?

Ah, don't stiffen up like that. This is a request from me personally, not as the student council president.

Isn't it your role to listen to things like these, Producer-chan?

As compensation for sharing with you some delicious tea, let me have you do a little work for me ♪

Anzu-chan. I'm giving you some secret intructions.

I'd like you to keep them a secret from everybody. Nobody from the student council is allowed to know this... especially Keito.

Is everything okay with you so far?

You seem to be making some doubtful movements over on your end.

We can bewitch and sound each other out. But while we're doing that, I still want my objective to be accomplished. You're the only one I can count on.

Let me change my phrasing. I want you to become my agent, Anzu-chan.

I may be the student council president, but I had been hospitalized for quite a long period of time...

Keito holds the real power. You can say that most of the student council members are his confidants.

As the student council, he's the one who's done all the practical work, after all. It's the results he achieved through his skill and hard work.

Being absent for such a long time, there's no way I could rob it all from the sidelines.

However, that's become the shackles this time. The rule of the student council extends throughout the entirety of Yumenosaki Academy.

The walls have ears and the doors have eyes.[1]

I'd like you to slip through those ears and eyes and accomplish my secret instructions.

You had once conspired with Trickstar and caused cracks into the student council's rock-solid authority, right?

That's what I meant when I said that you were the only one I can count on. I've anticipated those skills, so I decided to make this request to you personally.

It's not like I'm saying any of this sarcastically either, okay?

I value you highly. That is why I'm bowing my head and asking you like this. I'm truly in a bind, so I would really appreciate the help.

Of course, there's still Starfest and SS and many other large-scale Dreamfests packed within the year. As a Producer, you must be at your busiest.

So you can keep these secret instructions in the back of your mind...

You can work only if you have the opportunity to. I'll be moving on my end as well, after all. You're a — safety measure, I guess you could say.

I have great expectations, Anzu-chan. For the sake of spending a wonderful Christmas Eve together, let's work our very hardest... would you like some more tea?[2]

  1. Walls have ears/doors have eyes: he originally says 障子 (shouji, those paper sliding doors) have eyes, basically the same meaning though!
  2. [let's work our very hardest]: he uses 粉骨砕身 meaning EXERTING YOURSELF TO THE UTMOST this isn't some ganbarimasu shit
Translation: Shoe
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