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A rare bromide...!
Ra~vely! This is some super exclusive content from the Chinese/Taiwanese version of the game!
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Afternoon Manor
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Season: Winter
Writer: Mitsuki Chapters: 6 Translation: Adequategrey & 364 Unbirthdays
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Story Notes

Chapter 1

  • I think Keito made up a phrase? He used 小算盘 to describe Tori, if translated directly it would be something like "wrapped around Eichi like a small abacus". I assumed it's a deviation of 打算盘, meaning backhanded ploy. -adequategrey

Koshinonya's elaboration:

  • 小算盘 in chinese means something like "careful selflish calculation".
    And here, Keito just means "You are fawning on Eichi, could it that be you are planning something special?"
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