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Afternoon Manor
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Season: Winter
Writer: Mitsuki Chapters: 6 Translator: User:Adequategrey & 364 Unbirthdays
Tori HeadHajime HeadEichi HeadTsukasa HeadKeito HeadYuzuru Head
Translation Notes
Chapter 1
  • I think Keito made up a phrase? He used 小算盘 to describe Tori, if translated directly it would be something like "wrapped around Eichi like a small abacus". I assumed it's a deviation of 打算盘, meaning backhanded ploy. -adequategrey
Story CGs

Writer: Mitsuki
Afternoon Manor - 1
Location: Student Council Room
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render
With that, this chapter is done.

(Chapter of work, chapter of events, not the book kind of chapter)

However, it doesn’t look like I can rest. Perhaps it is not suitable for me to say this, but it’s nearing the second half of the year, and the students will be busier with work than ever.

The [S2] that happens once every two months, the [S1] that happens once every season, and, of course, the [SS]...... The Student Council cannot just leave these events alone.

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render
Knowing this, you still want to open the new [S3], letting those idiots create so much chaos so easily……

I can’t even begin to imagine how many applicants for the new [S3] we’ve received recently. It’s like there isn’t even enough air in this school for us to breathe.

Just looking at the names in these applications makes me suspicious, and if we don’t approve them properly, some kind of annoying problem will probably arise.

If they’re trying to make us suffer, so be it, but… Eichi, your body will become worse during the winter, and you know that better than anyone else. Why are you so anxious to move about?

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Agh, seriously, Vice President fusses too much ~ Even more than Yuzuru ~

President doesn’t need to listen to your lectures ~ He only needs to sit here and drink some red tea ♪

Here, President~ Anzu taught me a secret recipe, it’s really tasty, you know?

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render
Thank you, cute little Tori. ...This taste truly is Anzu’s handiwork, I really like it.
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Hehe ~ The simple act of brewing red tea, it only required a little bit of learning on my part.

There’s nothing left for Anzu to teach me, so praise me too, President.

Pat my head, tell me “You’re a good boy” ☆

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render
Yes, Tori is always such a good child.

Keito, do you want to try it? This is but Anzu’s careful handiwork, so even Keito, who doesn’t like drinking tea, should try it ♪

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render
I must refuse, since, in comparison, green tea suits me more. Himemiya, get off of Eichi’s knee, don’t put any more pressure on his body.

With you wrapped around Eichi like that, could it be that you have some strange ploy in mind?

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Vice President is too harsh… Only peasants use such backhanded methods, it is unnecessary for someone with as high of a standing as I do.

President~ I finished a~ll of today’s work, can I leave now?

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render
The mess of papers on your desk say otherwise.

After you finish marking, you have to neatly do the classification, clean-up, total up the numbers… I don’t think such a simple thing has to be taught.

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
That kind of brawny stuff can be done even if I don’t do it by myself! I’ll just leave it to Yuzuru!

If he can’t even help his master to do this, he’d be much too useless!

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render
Don’t hand over your own work to someone else so casually.
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Hmph, haven’t you also asked Yuzuru to help you before~?
Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render
...Himemiya, it seems you still don’t understand.

I already said this when you first entered the student council, people with positions must bear the responsibility and power that comes with their duty. The more power you hold, the bigger the responsibility and duty.

This isn’t some spoilt little kid’s house, where you can ignore your duties, play whenever you want, and when you don’t want to play you can just walk away.

If you can’t even understand this, then you are just a helpless, stinky little brat who has to be constantly looked after by an adult.

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
S-Shut up! I’m not some kid who doesn’t know anything!

It’s because I understand Vice President’s lectures on deep and meaningful stuff in life, that I’m asking President for an early leave!

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render
...I completely cannot understand what you are saying, with your poor phrasing.
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render
Haha. Can you hear me out? I can understand Tori’s thought process, you know.
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Uwaah, President ~...!
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render
Ah, Tori’s cute face has become quite unsightly. A smile fits you more ♪

Keito, I think it’s completely fine for Tori to leave early.

We can leave the rest to Yuzuru, that child is very reliable. You think so too, right, Keito?

It seems that Tori has completed the core of his work, accommodating him once in a while is a good idea.

Things like breaking rules, the kind of intense feeling that makes people feel exhilarated, Keito definitely doesn’t know ♪

If you aren’t careful, you may become addicted to it, and maybe the reason for setting up rules is to allow people to enjoy this feeling ♪

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render
I don’t want to know. Wait, no, what kind of nonsense are you even spouting? Seriously, you’re hopeless…

Eichi, since the decision has been made by you, I won’t argue anymore. I’ve already said this, but I will not look upon you as someone frail, who needs to pampered and protected.

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render
Aha, I still feel like Keito is exactly the same as before, with his merciless lectures ♪

There’s isn’t any more problem, Tori? Go ahead and do whatever you were supposed to do.

Don’t panic, if it’s Tori, it can be solved easily.

I really trust Tori, you know? You also need to believe in yourself, just like how you did in the past. Lift your chin up high, even if you are submerged in black mud.

The person who sits on the throne must protect his Majesty. Even though he’s like that, even though, deep down, you are scared…

As long as his Majesty is still on the throne, everyone will have confidence in the person sitting on it.

If someone makes a mistake, everyone will just think “This is fine”, “This problem will definitely be solved”.

It’s because people agree to associate a situation as both a painful yet beautiful thing.

Normal people are like this too. As long as they wish to see their dreams come true, they will never sink to the bottom.

After realizing this…

Keito, it’s fine, this isn’t a bad thing.

As the Emperor, I have something to pass onto Tori as well.

Just like how you said, as one gets more powerful, the burden and responsibility one has to bear becomes greater.

That is why, I want to use my own heart and just… help them out a little ♪

Translation: 364 Unbirthdays

Writer: Mitsuki
Afternoon Manor - 2
Location: Garden Space
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Anzu-senpai, good afternoon ~ ♪

I took a detour on my way to retrieve gardening tools… How long have you been here, Senpai?

You’ve been here for almost ten minutes? Uwaah, I’m so sorry!

I brought freshly brewed ginger tea, if you’d like, please drink it.

Ginger tea can warm up your body, and thus makes it very suitable to drink in winter.

The aunties who live near my house all say that girls must take care of themselves and keep warm, so this season I’ll take care of my sister, and make sure she wears more ~ ♪

Eh, me? I’m fine. When I came out from the equipment shed, my body was all warm, and I was even sweating a little.

Basically, my current part-time job is to trim the plants in the garden… If we don’t carefully trim the plants in winter, they will not be able to bloom properly when it gets to spring.

That’s why this is a very important job ~ ♪

However, why is this sort of work a job in the school…

Previously, they had a professional from outside the school take care of it, so leaving this kind of stuff to the students is a first.

Trimming plants needs professional knowledge too. If you don’t trim it correctly, it might have the opposite effect.

Hey, y-you can’t do that?! You can’t just cut off all the bare branches without a second thought … !

However, I couldn’t have guessed that there are things that even Anzu-senpai doesn’t know about … ♪

Ah, I’m sorry ~ ?! I seem to have said something impolite? I don’t have the intention to mock you, Senpai!

It’s because Senpai is usually so capable, and can think of anything, and can even take care of people. That’s why when you said you didn’t know, I felt very surprised.

It’s only because of that, I really don’t have any other meaning!

You say you’re not angry? Ah, that’s good, I’m relieved ♪

Anzu-senpai is always so warm, I feel like I won’t be myself sooner or later ♪

Oh right, moving back onto topic…

I seem to always be like this, being easily distracted by other people’s words, and consequently forgetting what I was supposed to say.

Nii-chan has also said to me, “Hajime-chin, you have to get ahold of yourself ~ !”

However, “getting ahold of myself”, it’s really difficult…...♪

Waah, I’m sorry, our conversation has gone off topic again!

Right, we were talking about the trimming of the plants. Thank you for reminding me ♪

It’s because I love plants, so I have a bit of knowledge in that department, and I know that not many have this kind of job as their profession.

So when I saw that the school’s SNS had an urgent request, I was really shocked ♪

Additionally, there was quite a bit of remuneration, quite a few times the amount of a normal part-time job.

If I can successfully complete this job, I will have quite a bit of spare change… There’s no harm in trying it out…

With this in mind, I applied for it.

I didn’t expect such a quick reply, but I feel like it may be because the other side wants it to get done as soon as possible …?

This kind of thing may be better suited for after I actually receive the money, but since I was so happy when I received the approval of my application, I couldn't stop myself from blurting it out.

Recently, Ra*bits has been improving rapidly, and we are much better off than when we first started, but we are not wealthy.

fter everyone heard me say that, they all raised their expectations for this new gardening job.

So, in order to not let them down, I must do my best ♪

Luckily, the job seems simple enough. It seems to have taken the fact that students are not professionals into account, so it only requests for us to do the “minimum”.

Take weed removal and the trimming of flowers for example. This kind of thing can be easily done by myself ~ ♪

Yes, you remember it very clearly, I really love taking care of plants~ Being around them makes me very comfortable, so I could do it all day…...♪

(Mottled Sunlight) Hajime Shino CG
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
While we were talking, we seemed to have reached our destination. I have to put these gloves on. Here we go … ♪

Let’s start with the soil and end with the flowers.

If we finish off the best part first, it’ll feel like a waste. I put it at the end, eagerly waiting for it to arrive.

This is a poor man’s wisdom ♪

Um, if you don’t have any other things to do, Anzu-senpai, could you keep me company?

Hurriedly asking Senpai to help me, only to find out that the job is actually very simple…

In the end, Senpai has still accompanied me all the way here. Seriously, Anzu-senpai never refuses people.

Eh? Senpai said “I want to hide here and enjoy the peace and quiet”?

I understand. Senpai has been very busy recently, so you must want to rest in a place without many people once in a while.

Isn’t this what the adults call “leisure”?

Ehehe, it’s almost like I found out one of Senpai’s little secrets.

Additionally, it’s a secret only I know of ...♪

Translation: 364 Unbirthdays

Writer: Mitsuki
Afternoon Manor - 3
Location: Garden Space
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
♪ ~ ♪ ~ ♪ ~

Ah, senpai heard me?

Work went smoother than usual, so I started humming on accident …

You want me to sing louder? It’s not one of Ra*bit’s songs, so I only know a few lines though, is that fine?

It was played on the school broadcast a few days ago, I think Nii-chan picked it, it feels like him.

Nii-chan’s tastes are good, the accessories he buys for us are all adorable ~ ♪

Do you want to hear me sing that badly? That’s okay, I guess, utter silence is uncomfortable too.

Senpai must be bored just watching me work on the garden, so …

You don’t feel bored, just disappointed that few flowers bloom in winter … ?

Senpai wants to see me standing among those flowers there? It’d look beautiful … ?

Ah…? Senpai’s praising me, but it doesn’t feel right somehow?

Usually, it’s girls who are associated with flowers.

For a guy like me, no matter what, I can’t be like a girl, right … ? I-It’s going to be very weird!

Uwaah?! U-Um, I was sweating just now, if you pat me on the head, you’ll get your hands dirty … !

W-Where did my handkerchief go … ?

Senpai’s not listening at all … ? Uwaah, my hair’s going to get messy …

But, being patted feels really good … ♪

Senpai’s touch is soft and warm.

Filled with a girl’s scents too, faint and fragrant … ♪

I’m an older brother at home. I need to be a responsible older brother in front of my little siblings, so I rarely get patted on the head.

Only now do I know that being patted feels so good. If possible, I’d like this to go on … ♪

… Hm?

Is there someone looking over here … ?

Uwaah, I feel like I’m being stared down. Somehow, I feel uncomfortable …

Can’t senpai feel it?

I’m not being paranoid, right? I feel a very strong glare, like I’m being attacked … !

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render

What are you doing here?!

It’s cold outside, please take care of yourself, don’t stay here for too long.

If you allow yourself to get sick in front of me, Tsukasa Suou, I won’t be able to handle it as your knight!

Please let me escort you indoors at once!

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
(The feeling of being stared down vanished … ?)
Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
What … ? Onee-sama is helping Hajime-kun do a part-time job, can’t leave for a while?

If that's so, please allow me to work alongside you.

It's irresponsible to allow Onee-sama to work while I'm just watching at the side …

If this gets out, I'll be chided, and my senpais in Knights won't stand for this either.

Although I'm inexperienced, I'd like to uphold the knights’ pride, like my senpais.

So, Hajime-kun, what is this work you're doing? Could I join in?

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Um, Suou-kun … ? I'm glad you want to help, but is Suou-kun experienced in gardening? If not, accidents can happen, you know?

There's not much work left, I can handle the rest on my own ~ ♪

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
It's okay, I can speed things up if I help Onee-sama and Hajime-kun.

I've read books on “gardening”, trimming methods are different for different seasons, am I right, Hajime-kun?

Then all we need to do is do a bit of trimming, and make sure they don't use up too much fertilizer before spring.

It should be easy, even inexperienced newbies should be able to do it quickly.

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Ehehe, Suou-kun seems very educated in this field.

We're both just first years, but Suou-kun is both talented as an idol and knowledgeable, as well as graceful in everyday life …

I'm envious ♪

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
It's nothing, I just happened to come across the book. If it's Hajime-kun, you'd be able to understand too if you read it.

Onee-sama, don't worry, I'll complete the job beautifully.

Please rest assured and just watch me.

And with that, Tsukasa Suou will begin work ♪

Translation: User:Adequategrey

Writer: Mitsuki
Afternoon Manor - 4
Location: Garden Space
Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
W-Woah! Suou-kun, stop … !

Let me see … Phew, you only cut a bit too much.

Ah, I'm very sorry. I called out in a hurry, did I scare Suou-kun? You don't look too good … ?

Ehehe, no worries, I've taken care of plants that looked worse, if I take good care of it maybe it can blossom in spring too.

Just leave it to me, Suou-kun can go take a rest with Anzu-senpai ♪

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Suou-kun … did you hear me? Can you give me the scissors … ?


Anzu-senpai, Suou-kun’s being weird … !

He's been just standing there in a daze, and won't respond to anything. Now the gardening scissors’ fell from his grip and he's not reacting too … !

Why is Suou-kun like this …. was it because of me?

Uwaah … Ra*bits just got a chance to collaborate in a performance with Knights, and get along.

If our relationship broke down because of today, W-W-What will I do? Nii-chan’s efforts will wpbe wasted … !

Being patted by senpai will make it better? I understand, I'll leave it to you.

Please make Suou-kun go back to normal … ♪

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
Jesus Christ!

Uwaah …

I did it according to what the book said, my posture was perfect, my method was spotless too!

But why do my hands tremble when I'm cutting?

No matter what I do, thinking “Be steady”, the result is the same!

And my hand tremble even more when I'm actually cutting, I don't understand why at all!

… I-It's true that all my knowledge of “gardening” comes from books and I have no actual experience.

But is there really such a large gap between theory and practice?!

I understand … This is very useful experience …

It's just that I wasted a chance to perform well in front of Onee-sama, ah, no, it's a chance for me to prove my worth, Tsukasa feels very upset … !

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Eh, its Anzu ~ ! Anzu ~ I'm over he~re, ah, Hajime’s here too ~ ♪

You two, with your gloves and gardening materials, are you doing part-time work?

It can't be, right? “That” just so happened to recruit you … ?

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Good afternoon, Tori-kun. What were you saying about me and Anzu-senpai?
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
No, it's nothing, I didn't say anything, you know ~ ?

… Why is Tsukasa here too, could it be that you're interested in the lives of peasants ~ Wouldn't your parents mind?

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
Tori-kun, when did you arrive?
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Don't suddenly change the topic? Your expression looks weird too?

No matter, I won't argue with Tsukasa ~ ♪ I just got here, what about it ~ ?

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
… That's good then, its nothing. Come to think of it, Tori-kun, Fushimi-senpai isn't with you today?
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Really, don't you know it's annoying when you phrase it like that? Don't mention Yuzuru just because you see me, I'm not a child who can't handle himself on his own.
Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
How disappointing, Fushimi-senpai’s so admirable, but it seems Tori-kun can't see that. If only he could serve the Suou family …
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Hey, don't try to take my slave ~ ! No matter what, my slave is mine! No matter if it's praising or chiding, I'm the only one allowed to do it ~ !

Of course, that applies to Anzu as well ~ ♪

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
Wait a minute, Onee-sama is our senior, you should be respecting her more!

How dare you think that she's your slave …

Onee-sama, please don't comply to this child's whims.

You're Tsukasa’s dear queen. To acquire your appreciation, Tsukasa is willing to be loyal to you always ♪

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Sigh, what “queen”? Are you playing a game with Tsukasa?

The child of the Suou family suddenly saying something about “eternal loyalty”, you're going to make your ridiculously large family cry, you know?

The child of an important family should only allow others to be “eternally loyal” to himself ~ ♪

Since it's like this, Anzu must listen to me forever, yes? Hmm hmm, I'll reward you greatly ~ ☆

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
Are these the teachings of the Himemiya family, it's quite shocking.

Tori-kun, you're just a inexperienced first year like me, you just so happened to have the backing of riches.

We lack the “quality” of deserving of loyalty.

All our senpais and Onee-sama are amazing and incomparable, just like the stars on the horizon.

I’m honoured to have the chance to learn from them ♪

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Haaah ~ ? Tsukasa, you’ve got it all wrong.

As a child of an important family, you should be getting others to respect you, work for you. It’s only natural.

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
That’s just Tori-kun’s childish and stubborn personality.
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Whaaaat, that’s just Tsukasa’s ancient ideologies. Tsukasa seems to be buried under rocks and mud, so hard and old ~ !
Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
U-Um, Himemiya-kun and Suou-kun … ? Arguing is bad, you know? Please don’t argue any more … !

Work still isn’t done, can we cooperate ~ … ?

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
What a great opportunity to demonstrate to Tsukasa the right way to do things. Hajime, give me the tools ~ !
Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render
I won’t let this continue, Tori-kun.

Hajime-kun, can you pass me a suitable tool? Even if I’m not trimming, there must be something I can do.

This is a battlefield, and the knight won’t lose … ♪

Translation: User:Adequategrey

Writer: Mitsuki
Afternoon Manor - 5
Location: School Gates
Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
Young master, please stay in this position, don't move.

I'm helping you pick out the leaves in your hair. I'm trying very hard to be careful, but if your movements are too big, your hair might get more tangled.

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Then just be more careful. You're just a slave, how dare you command people ~ ?

Just now too, getting so excited just seeing me.

Shouting something about “Y-Young master became a monkey”! Making me sound like I'm Isara-senpai …

Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
It's because there was mud on your face and leaves in your hair …

Young master’s face becoming like this, I felt anguished and infuriated.

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Some leaves just happened to fall on me, it's nothing so significant.

You're like this all the time, having extreme reactions to such small things … ?

You're already old enough, aren't you ashamed of yourself ?

Since you're my slave, you've got to be more composed.

Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
So young master, do you want to go back to the student council?

The useless me finished “your” work, but I might have made mistakes ♪

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Eh ~ you don't really think that do you ~ !

You're just trying to make me remember my responsibilities, to make me ashamed of myself!

Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
If you scold me like that, I really can't defend myself.

On the other hand, everything that happened today was because of you ♪

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
But isn't it all resolved now ~ ? There's going to be professionals coming to settle things tomorrow anyway.

The progression’s all right now, and the president can acknowledge too. This should be enough!

Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
Even if you say that, most of the work was done by Suou-sama and Shino-Sa…. Shino-kun. Young master only appeared at the very end, am I wrong?

I heard it all from Anzu.

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Fushimi-senpai, it's really not like that, if I were on my own I would have taken a much longer time.

It's all thanks to Suou-kun and Tori-kun that I could get the job done by sundown.

Suou-kun and Tori-kun are both so hardworking, I was shocked … Everyone helped a lot.

I was going to thank Suou-kun too, but his family just came to pick him up…

A-Anyway, I definitely couldn't have gotten the job done on my own, you know? Tori-kun did a lot too, so please don't say things like that … !

Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
Shino-kun … You seem to be gentler than I remember.

Originally I thought rabbits were naturally gentle due to meekness … But it seems this is not the case.

Ah, I went off topic just now. Thank you for staying by young master’s side.

All this time, thank you for working hard ♪

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
No, I should be saying that.

Tori-kun’s prideful, graceful and cute. Allowing me to be his friend, teaching me ways to be cute, being intimate with me …

I really like Tori-kun … ♪

Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Hey, don't start crying! So disgraceful!
Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
Anzu, thank you for worrying, but I'm fine. It didn't occur to me that young master could have this kind of enthusiastic, supportive remark…

If you weren't beside me to verify everything, I wouldn't be believing my ears ♪

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Such a noisy slave ~ !

Hey, Hajime ~ ! This kind of thing should be said by me!

Peasants shouldn't be before me, no?

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Ah, so sorry! You're right, I was being arrogant saying this kind of stuff …

If possible, please pretend I didn't say anything just now.

Fushimi-senpai and Anzu-senpai too, as much as I would not like it, please pretend you didn't hear anything I said just now ♪

Then “Tori-kun will say the most important things first” will come true. Tori-kun, please ♪

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Huh? Suddenly … ?

Whatever. As the president says, never lose your footing ♪

Ahem. Hajime’s cute too, just not as much as me, and is a remarkable peasant.

So it's not impossible for Hajime-kun to be my friend, you know?

I was really happy working and practicing with Hajime-kun ~

…That should be all?

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Yes, now I'm next. I've got to say it with emotion, with passion ♪

I was really happy working with Tori-kun too.

Being able to be friends with Tori-kun, I'm happy … ♪

Translation: User:Adequategrey

Writer: Mitsuki
Afternoon Manor - 6
Location: Bustling Street
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Hajime ~ What’s that over there?
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
It's a convenience store, Tori-kun, most of the academy's daily necessities are procured here ~ ♪
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
It can't be, right here?

We used to rely on delivery, I didn't know it was so close to the school.

It looks so average ~ Are the things we use really sold here? Won't there be quality issues?

If the noble me were to suffer a loss, I don't think selling the whole store would be enough ~ ?

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Because this store usually isn't open to the public, it doesn't need to decorate its front.

It's rather large in fact ~ You can find everything you need ♪

There's no quality issue either, everything is the best on the market, much better than what my family can usually afford ~ ♪

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Has Hajime been here?
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Yes, during the holidays. It was for a part time job, and i ended up going with Anzu-senpai.
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
I've never heard Anzu say anything about it… Hajime, tell me more, I want to know!
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
It's really not worth talking about, I don't think Tori-kun would enjoy listening to me talk about it …

I caused lots of trouble for Anzu-senpai too, I almost got her into trouble.

I feel ashamed just thinking about it. I kept saying things like “Sorry for bothering you” “I caused lots of trouble for you” “Thank you for looking after me” …

If only Anzu-senpai would say something like “It's all thanks to you, Hajime” even once … ♪

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
That shouldn't be hard at all, Hajime just has to be cuter.
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Nii-chan says that too. He even got me lots of cute accessories for me to wear.
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Are you wearing them now? Show me ~
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Ah, I'm not wearing them now.

It's quite embarrassing, and makes part-time jobs inconvenient, so I usually keep them.

I'll only take them out when I need to ~ ♪

Here, Tori-kun ~ ♪

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Oh, they're basically all bunnies … they're cute, but don't you have anything else, like bears?
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Because we're Ra*bits, bunnies fit our theme most.

There's other types too, my siblings love them, so I left some at home.

The things that Nii-chan buys all receive positive remarks, not just from Tomoya-kun, Mitsuru-kun and me, other people too when they see them ~ ♪

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Heheh, your leader’s really good, huh ~ Where did he get these, I can't find any “Logo” anywhere?
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
“Logo”… ? Ah, Tori-kun must mean branding.

These aren't branded items, they're all from the specialty shop near Nii-chan’s house, true “miscellaneous items” ♪

If you don't mind, would you like to put them on? I think they rather suit you ~

Pinning it to your hair at the side, adjust the position so that you can see the face from the front too … there ♪

Ah, cute as I expected. Tori-kun’s so cool, being able to be like a rabbit just by wearing one …

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Of course of course ~ as long as it's cute, everything suits me, no ~ ?
(Flowers' Embrace) Tori Himemiya CG
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Hajime, try something other than bunnies ♪
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Is that really okay? If it's Tori-kun’s possession, it must be valuable … ?
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
The cutest things won't be cute if nobody uses them, you know ~

There, hold it ~ ! Put it beside your face, think only of being cute …

And then do a pose like a small animal, like I taught you to before ~

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
L-Like this?
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
You look too forced, loosen up ~ !

And put the doll closer to your face! Rub it against your face next ☆

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
A-Against my face?!

I understand … ! I'll try my hardest!

(Even if I say that, I haven't washed my face after my part-time job, if my sweat or dirt get onto the doll Tori-kun won't like it)

(I've got to control the distance between the doll and my face. I can't really rub it on my face… can't rub it on my face…)

Pshh ☆

(That's a sound effect)

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
Heheh ~ you pass ☆
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Thank you Tori-kun ~ ♪ I feel like I learnt so much, I've got to tell Nii-chan and the others.

Eheheh … ♪

Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
… Really now, such an enchanting scene.

If President-sama was here he'd have a heart attack instantly.

Such a cute child slowly growing up…

I feel slight sadness among my happiness.

Ah, I'm sorry, I said stuff hard to understand.

Don't you feel the same as me?

Is that so. Anzu is the producer, of course you'd love for us idols to grow up and improve…

So you'd have similar feelings.

A new year… After the third years graduate, I don't know what will happen to young master and the school…

Even I get excited thinking about it ♪

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