Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Unlock in (Strong Person) Adonis Otogari's Idol Road
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Season: Spring (春) Location: Ground
Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render

W-whoa there!?

It’s dangerous to suddenly come flying out like that, Tenkousei-nee~chan!

I don’t really look ahead when I run, so I end up causing traffic accidents quite often ♪

“If you hit your head any more than this, then you’ll become even more stupid”~… Buchou said that to me in a strict tone so that I wouldn’t cause any more traffic accidents, you know.

But that really was a close call ♪ If you walk while being so carefree, you’ll get hurt, Nee~chan?

Because when the Track and Field Club members have club activities, the Grounds get real messy with all of us running around~ ♪

It’s like the scrambling about that happens at those intersections in big cities—the most dangerous path in Yumenosaki Academy is “here”, yep ☆

I pretty much ignore stoplights, while Arashi-chan-sempai will vigorously crash into others, and Ado-chan-sempai…


Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

Hmm… I feel like something just hit the back of my head.

Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render

It’s not just “feel like”, something actually did, okay! Uugh, my stomach! That hurt!

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

Tenma. Look in front of you when you run. It’s a good thing that it was me you ran into.

But the next time you get a ticket, your driver’s license will be suspended… I mean, you’ll be banned from club activities. Be careful.

That’s all I have to say.

Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render

A-ado-chan-sempai as well! Why are you just sitting there on the ground—I crashed into you by accident, you know! I didn’t think you’d be an obstacle in the way!

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

Stop with the “Ado-chan”. That’s what my older sisters call me, so hearing it gives me the chills.

They also often tell me the same thing… That my build is big and gets in the way, so I try to be in a corner where no one else is as much as possible. I wasn’t paying attention as well—sorry.

Hm, Tenkousei. It’s dangerous to walk around being all carefree on the Grounds, especially when us Track and Field club members are in the middle of club activities.

You often get caught up in pointless troubles… It’s not through any fault of your own, but you should look out for yourself.

You—I’m not trying to make a fool out of you with this, but… You’re frail, so you should be careful.

You’re our important “Producer” after all.

I also can’t always be there for you. So I can’t always protect you either, yeah.

Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render

More importantly, what were you doing in a spot like this, Ado-chan-sempai~?

It’s dangerous to squat here—if I hadn’t slowed down, then I would’ve ran into you full force and become minced meat!

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

People won’t turn into minced meat just from crashing into each other. Tenma, the way you speak and act, and everything you do is too over-the-top. It’s good that you’re energetic, and I don’t mean anything bad by it, but—

Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render

Yaaay, I was praised ♪

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

But since Tenma is “small”…

You should also be careful, and call me if anything happens. I’ll protect anything small.

Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render
Ehehe, Ado-chan-sempai looks pretty scary at first, but you’re rather gentle so I like you, yep ♪
Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

That’s not true. If you grow up strong, then I won’t protect you anymore. I’d leave you be. It’s because you’re small that I’ll protect you and be gentle—I’m just following my family’s teachings.

I’m not gentle at all.

Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render
Hmm. But, Ado-chan-sempai was crouching down here, so… Could it be that you were protecting that ant nest there?
Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

Hm. To make a nest here on these grounds where people are treading—it must’ve taken them no ordinary amount of effort, don’t you think? It’s admirable.

These ants are “small” but “strong”, yeah.

Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render

Wooow, there are “heaps” of ants! I’ll give them my half-eaten sweet bread, here you go ♪

Oh! Are you going to give your left-over bentou to them too, Nee~chan? They’re not going to finish it, you know—since they’re so small! Ahaha ☆

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

I’ll also give them some meat. Eat the meat and become strong.

… I get the feeling we’re spoiling them too much. Being over-indulgent is the same as mistreating them.

But you’re both very “kind”. It’s admirable—I also hope to be like you both.

Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render
Hmm, Ado-chan-sempai is also pretty kind~? I reaaally like you, yep ♪
Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

Don’t come hugging me from behind, Tenma. Your body heat is too sweltering.

Oh well, I guess. Come along, Tenkousei. If we keep standing around here, then we really will get knocked down by the herd from the Track and Field Club.

I’ll guide you to someplace safe. Is it alright if I lead you by the hand?

It’s not like I want to treat you like a child. I also understand that it may not be very easy to hold hands with someone of the opposite gender.

But I want to protect you. As much as possible, I want you to live a safe and peaceful life.

Tenma. I’ll leave the ant nest in your care. I’ll take Tenkousei to safety.

Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render

Roger that ☆

Nishishi, it kinda feels like Ado-chan-sempai is our “dad”~ ♪

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

At the very least, call me your “guardian” instead. Well, I leave the rest to you, Tenma.

Let’s go, Tenkousei… Until we reach a safe place.

Translator: Nhi
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