Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Unlock in (Hungry Morning) Adonis Otogari's Idol Road
Adonis Otogari Sub Story Morning Tranquility
Season: Summer (夏) Location: Path to School


The person walking in front of me… is that Anzu?

She’s quite early. I didn’t expect her to commute at the same time as me, who has morning practice in the Track and Field Club.

To sleep and wake up early is a necessary step to remain healthy.

But that mustn’t be it. She must be busy with the producer work. I heard that she also studies on her own initiative to catch up with the lectures.

That’s commendable of you, Anzu. Despite being so small… you’re always working hard everyday.

Poor thing. Her steps are unsteady, maybe due to her exhaustion. It’s hard to just stand and see. I wish I could rush to her side and support her, but…

I might surprise her if I suddenly call out to her from behind.

Apparently, I don’t have much of a presence. Anzu’s heart might stop if a giant like me suddenly towers her from behind.

As long as that possibility exists, I cannot call out to her.

But it bothers me. I cannot bring myself to leave her be.

I should stealthily follow after her. Maintain a close distance, so I can deal with anything that might happen, but also carefully, so she won’t notice me.


…I’m hungry.

My sisters do not eat in the morning. So I also do not cook breakfast.

I woke up a little late this morning, so I haven’t eaten anything, since I rushed out in a hurry.

Mmh. My stomach might growl any moment. This is not good; Anzu will notice me.

Hm? Anzu turned her head.


…Phew. I ended up hiding in my reflex. Good that there’s a stall at just the right place.

Anzu didn’t notice me, did she?

…Hm. This is a kebab stall. Perfect; I will have one as my breakfast.)

Owner. Excuse me, give me a kebab.

I would be happy if you cut the meat thick.

…Hmm? No, I only need one portion. I do eat a lot, but I have a sports practice after this.

If I fill my stomach too much, I might throw up in the middle of my run.

And that will be unfortunate. I prefer what I ate to be processed into nutrition, without throwing it up.

I will eat meat, let my body absorb what it needs, so I can become stronger.

Mm? ‘I just wanted to know if you’re ordering for the young lady next to you too’?

…Anzu. Since when did you get to my side? You lack presence, much more than I do.

So you noticed me tailing you. Ah yes, I am huge… so it seems I didn’t cover my tracks as well as I meant to. I will take care next time.

Yes, I thought I mustn’t surprise you…

So I hesitated to call out to you. Please believe when I say that I was not thinking anything untoward when I followed you.

Do you want some kebab?

Yes, sir. I know her. Give a kebab for her too.

Stuff in more meat. If that costs more, I will pay for it.

It’s alright, Anzu. It will be on me. It’s my apology for making you unsettled.

If you eat meat, become stronger, and cease to be scared of me… I will have less concerns when I approach you. I consider this an investment.

Does what I want to say translate properly?

Mm. There’s the kebab. It’s hot, so be careful, Anzu.

Eat kebab. The meat is yummy. (munch, munch)

Owner. That is wrong. We are not lovers.

I am an idol, and she is a producer. We are also classmates. Those are my relations with her.

Yes. Good if you understand. You make wonderful kebab.

Do you set up a stall here everyday? I will try to frequent here. This is good meat.


What are you doing, Transfer student? Please do not suddenly touch the area around my lips. I almost ate your fingers alongside the kebab.

Mm. Right. I shouldn’t have spoken while eating. My mouth has gotten dirty, is it? So you wiped it with a handkerchief.

Thank you. …You don’t get scared easily, do you?

Maybe you are more tough than I thought you were. Next time, I will call out to you when I see you, without concerning over trivial matters.

Owner. She is not my older sister, nor is she my mother. Why are you sending her a heartwarming gaze, as if saying ‘my, your son is such a handful’?

I can’t comprehend. Still, this morning is more lively than usual.

Translator: kotofucius
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