The English Ensemble Stars Wiki
The English Ensemble Stars Wiki

What is this wiki about?

The Ensemble Stars wiki is a wiki for the smartphone card collecting game, Ensemble Stars made by the company Happy Elements.

Who are the council of the wiki?

The current wiki-staff of this wiki are:

Kazu (Founder, Bureaucrat, Administrator)

Yumeno (Co-founder, Bureaucrat, Administrator)

Who can edit the wiki?

This wiki can be edited by anyone! Don't hesitate to make a contribution whenever you can.

NB! Editors who vandalize and/or spam this wiki will immediately be blocked.


Please do:

  • Follow and act according the policies and ToS of wikia.

Please do not:

  • Spam or vandalize the wiki.
    • Doing so will result in a warning and in worst case an indefinite ban.
  • Use abusive and foul language
    • Example of this is profanity
  • Upload pictures that are already uploaded to the wiki.
    • This is to prevent duplicate pictures and makes it easier for every editor.
  • Do excessive role-plays on the wiki

Aside from this, be a nice person and happy editing! We are grateful for every single edit made in good faith!


  • We are an independent wiki.
    • This means that we are in no way employed by the game's company itself.
  • This is a fan-based wiki, existing to guide and help Ensemble Star's players all over the world.
  • We are in no way responsible for any changes made by the company.