What is this wiki about?

The Ensemble Stars wiki is a wiki for the smartphone card collecting game, Ensemble Stars made by the company Happy Elements.

Contact & Feedback

If you want to report an issue with the wiki, have suggestions, or a question you want to ask, feel free to contact the moderators through this form!

Who are the staff of the wiki?

The current staff of this wiki:

User Position Status
Kazu Founder, Bureaucrat, Administrator Semi-Active
Ren Administrator Inactive
Emuy Administrator Inactive
Meissa Administrator Inactive
Kagehirin Administrator Active
Linnæus Administrator Semi-Active
Kageyama Discussions Moderator Inactive
Starikun Content Moderator Inactive
Semi-Squishy 3000 Content Moderator Inactive
Angelsbouquet Content Moderator Active

Former Staff

User Position Status
Yumeno Co-Founder, Bureaucrat, Administrator Retired
Ritsu Administrator Retired
Hoshinya Administrator Retired

Who can edit the wiki?

This wiki can be edited by anyone! Don't hesitate to make a contribution whenever you can.

NB! Editors who vandalize and/or spam this wiki will immediately be blocked.


Please do:

  • Follow and act according the policies and ToS of Wikia.

Please do not:

  • Spam or vandalize the wiki; doing so will result in anything from a warning to an indefinite ban.
  • Use abusive, foul, profane, or inappropriate language.
  • Upload pictures that are already uploaded to the wiki, preventing duplicate pictures, making editing easier.
  • Role-play excessively.

Aside from this, be a nice person and happy editing! We are grateful for every single edit made in good faith!


These are rules regarding the translations on the wiki

  1. What appears on the wiki is on a first come first serve basis, but the following rules must apply.
  2. The translation must be faithful to the text and adhere to quality (In other words, don't rush it just so it's on the wiki) Quality > Speed.
    • Have the translation be proofread by others if possible for the best amount of quality.
  3. Translations that do not live up to the aforementioned requirements may be reworked/replaced.
  4. Other translations of this story will be featured in the cover page, linking to the translator's version of the story. They may also be added as separate tabs within chapters.
  5. For those who want to help post on the wikia, please ask permission from the translator FIRST before you add it to the wiki.
  6. Here is a guide for uploading translations.


  • We are an independent wiki, in no way associated or affiliated with Happy Elements / Cacalia Studios.
  • This is a fan-based wiki, existing to guide and help Ensemble Stars players all over the world.
  • We are in no way responsible for any changes made by the company.
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