The English Ensemble Stars Wiki
The English Ensemble Stars Wiki

Basic Guidelines
  • Any translation may be uploaded to the wikia with the translator's permission so long as it meets community quality guidelines.
    • Exception: To avoid any legal issues, please do not upload commissioned translations to the wiki.
  • Stories can be formatted via the automatic story formatter.
    • A guide on how to create pages for your translation can be found here.
    • Common outfit renders can be found here.
  • You may edit your name onto the cover of a story/"claim" a story prior to uploading chapters to express your intent to translate a story. This is an optional step.
  • If you work with a proofreader who would also like to be credited, you can add "|Proofreader =" on the line beneath "|Translator =" and add their name and credits there.
  • Please refrain from "claiming" multiple additional stories on the wiki if you have not released translations for your currently-claimed stories.
  • Releasing translations slowly is completely acceptable. Please do prioritize real life where necessary.
  • If you decide to pick up a story translation, please change the banner on the story to "Currently Being translated" by pasting the following code to the top of the page:
  • If you decide to drop a story translation, please change the banner on the story back to "Not Being translated" by pasting the following code to the top of the page:

Quality Guidelines
  • The translation should be faithful to the original Japanese text.
  • The translation should be written in understandable English and follow English conventions for punctuation and grammar.
  • The translation must be proofread by a Japanese proofreader before it is uploaded to the wiki. Japanese proofreading involves the Japanese proofreader checking over the translation to make sure that it's accurate to the original Japanese text. Please ensure your proofreader is someone who has a strong grasp of Japanese.
    • When translating stories from the Chinese, Korean, or Taiwanese versions, the same rules apply. Please ensure you're uploading stories proofread by someone with a strong grasp of the story's original language.
  • While Japanese proofreading is the only required type of proofreading on the wiki, it’s recommended that they go through English proofreading as well. English proofreading involves having someone who is familiar with English grammatical conventions and (optionally) character voices checking over the translation. The proofreader will make sure that the grammar is correct, and will also suggest alternate phrasings to make translations sound smoother in English, and to make the characters’ personalities show more clearly in the dialogue.
  • Do not upload translations that have not been proofread.
  • By uploading a translation to the wiki, you accept that you are open to feedback on your translations.
  • If you are uncomfortable with moderators contacting you in regards to potential mistranslations, or contributors correcting potential typos and grammatical errors in your translation, please do not upload your translation to the wiki.
    • However, you are free to link to your translation (hosted on another site such as Dreamwidth, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc) in the comments section of the story instead.
You may be asked to revise translations that do not meet the aforementioned quality guidelines before they are uploaded to the wiki.

Translation Tips
  • If you do not know where to find a proofreader familiar with English grammar conventions, try leaving a comment on the story's hub page or reach out to an active translator on the wiki.
  • Avoid literal or stilted translations where possible. Don't be afraid to break up long sentences or substitute Japanese adages for English equivalents where needed.

A story is already being translated, but I want to make my own translation. Can I upload it when I do?
  • Multiple translations of a story may be uploaded to the wiki. You do not need the permission of the first translator to add additional translations. Please do not replace an existing translation.
  • If you plan to upload a second+ translation of a story currently being translated, please be courteous and contact the first translator to let them know you are also picking up the story. However, you do not need the translator's permission to translate the story.
I've claimed a story to translate, but I wish some things were different. What can I change?
  • Can change without asking anyone for permission:
    • The colors used on the story cover, as long as the ones you choose aren't so light or bright that they are hard to read.
    • The names of the chapters, provided yours is the first translation on the wiki and you aren't overriding a previous translator's chapter name choices.
      If yours is the second+ translation, please either contact the previous translator for permission or, if you can't get in contact with them, explain to a staff member what makes yours more accurate to the intended meaning, and it will be considered.
    • The urls of the individual chapters. While the chapters are set up in a "Chapter #" name format, you might prefer to name the pages the name of the chapter. As long as you also update the links on the story's respective Chapters page (found at "storyname/Chapters") and StoryNavBar on the relevant chapters, you can change them to your liking.
  • Please check with staff before changing:
    • The story or respective scout/event's name. Accuracy is our top priority, so staff are open to changing names when there is a mistake that should be fixed, but if you change it without consulting anyone, we won't understand the situation and your reasons for changing it.