Who can edit this wiki?
This wiki can be edited by anyone! Don't hesitate to make a contribution whenever you can.
Please do:

Please do not:


  • Spam or vandalize the wiki; doing so will result in anything from a warning to an indefinite ban.
  • Roleplay excessively.
  • Leave more than 1 comment on a character's page within a 24-hour period. It clutters the Activity page, which makes it difficult for editors to locate recent edits, and also clutters the comment pages of the characters with what are often quick, short comments that would improve page legibility by being combined into one.

User Conduct

  • Use abusive, foul, profane, or inappropriate language.
  • Make rude, passive-aggressive, or inappropriate remarks.
  • Make inflammatory remarks, stir drama, or antagonize others.
  • Engage in arguments with other users.
  • Make transphobic, homophobic, or racist remarks.
  • Post obscene/sexually explicit text/images, or have obscene/sexually explicit text/images as your avatar or on your profile.
  • Refer to characters using sexually explicit, crude, or derogatory language, even as a joke.
    • Posting/repeating memes that use sexually explicit, crude, or derogatory language is also against the rules.
  • Use excessive profanity. The story content may be 17+, but Fandom's terms of service allows younger users to view wikis.


  • Make drastic changes to the coding, format, or layout of the wiki without first having your changes approved by an active moderator.
  • Upload fanart onto the wiki without explicit permission from the artist and credit to them.

These rules apply to every page on the wiki (comments, articles, forums, profiles, etc).

These things aside, be respectful to others and happy editing! We are grateful for every single edit made in good faith!

  • We are an independent wiki, in no way associated or affiliated with Happy Elements / Cacalia Studios.
  • This is a fan-based wiki, existing to guide and help Ensemble Stars players all over the world.
  • We are in no way responsible for any changes made by the company.
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