If you find what you believe may be a typo, mechanical error or mistranslation in a story hosted on the wiki and are unable to contact the translator, please follow this guide for what to do next.
If you see a typo or mechanical error...
  • If you see a minor mechanical error, such as one pertaining to punctuation, grammar, spelling, romanization, you may edit the story to fix the error.
  • For example, if a translator misspelled a word, forgot a comma, or made a simple grammatical mistake, you may edit the page to fix it.
If you see a mistranslation...
If you see a mistranslation, submit the following to the mod contact form:

Story: Story the mistranslation appears in.
Chapter: Chapter the mistranslation appears in.
Japanese Text: The raw Japanese line that has been mistranslated. If context is necessary, you may include the raw Japanese text of the lines preceding or following the line in question as well.
Suggested Translation: This doesn't have to be perfect— just offer a rough but correct translation of the line.
Explanation: If you feel your correction requires additional explanation, type it here. Otherwise, leave blank.

In the case of a true mistranslation, the moderators will contact the translator in question. It will be up to the translator how they choose to change the line.

Blank Mistranslation Submission Form for Copy-Pasting:
Japanese Text:
Suggested Translation:
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