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Start: 1/1/17 at 04:00 JST
End: 1/8/17 at 04:00 JST


You can only draw 1 Omikuji once a day.

Luck Rewards
大吉 (Daikichi) ダイヤ×15、スカウト★5確率2倍 (15 Diamonds and ★5 Scouting Rate is doubled on your next 10x diamond roll or 1x diamond roll. ※Scouting rate ends at 4AM JST the next day.)
中吉 (Chukichi) ダイヤ×10 (10 Diamonds)
小吉 (Shoukichi) ダイヤ×5 (5 Diamonds)
末吉 (Suekichi) スポーツドリンク×1 (1 Sports Drink Sweat star sports drink.png)
Mao Omikuji 2017 大吉.png

大吉 (Daikichi)
Mao Omikuji 2017 中吉.png

中吉 (Chukichi)
Mao Omikuji 2017 小吉.png

小吉 (Shoukichi)
Mao Omikuji 2017 末吉.png

末吉 (Suekichi)


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