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Start: 12/24/2017 at 00:00 JST
End: 12/26/2017 at 15:00 JST

  • Present Drops End: 12/26/2017 00:00 JST

Santa Tomoya's Christmas

2017 Christmas Campaign Main Page

"Ah, Anzu-san! Um, have you seen any things that look like boxes anywhere?"

Help Tomoya find the lost presents for students in the school by playing through lessons, where they will drop and can be traded in for items and voice clips.

The panel on the right shows your current amounts of Normal Presents, Gold Presents, and Christmas Limited Voice Tickets. To trade the presents in, press the yellow button to the right of the row. To trade in a Voice Ticket, press the yellow button on the bottom below it.

  • Gather Presents that drop during Lessons
  • Trade in 10 Normal Presents to get items
  • Trade in a Gold Present to get a Voice Ticket

When trading in a Voice Ticket, a screen will appear with the silhouettes of 4 students. You can only select one of them at a time, which will cause them to say their limited Christmas line to you and add it to their Voice List.

Izumi Sena Christmas 2017

Tomoya's Messages
Present Initial Hm? A golden present... Who in the world could it be addressed to...?
Present End Anyway, it’s a relief that you found it! Thank you very much ♪
Other Ahh, you really saved me! I won’t forget what you’ve done for me for the rest of my life... ♪
Other Oh, without a doubt, that’s one of the presents I dropped! Thank god, if this had gotten lost, I wouldn’t know what to do...
Full Completion Thank you! With this, we can give everyone their presents... ☆
To Message
Tetora This is a karate belt, isn’t it...? That’s right, Tetora said he wanted a new belt, didn’t he? Ahaha, if you look closely, there’s a tiger embroidered on it... ♪
Hajime It’s a poinsettia! This is definitely Hajime’s present. Every time we passed by the flower shop, he'd have a look on his face like he wanted it... ♪
Tomoya Wah, the limited first edition CD... ♪ This was sold out in every store~ Hokuto-senpai in this CD is just the cooles-- ah, no, it’s nothing!
Hinata It’s a sweets buffet ticket! Now that I think about it, I think I remember Hinata saying that he wanted to go with everyone!
Midori This is... the mascot character plushie that I’ve seen on TV a lot! Ahaha. Takamine put a lot of emphasis on how cute it was when we were in class.
Tori Ooh, these are earmuffs. They look really warm... ♪ If you look closely, a peach is embroidered on them. Are these a present to someone connected to peaches?
Shinobu This is a... shuriken-patterned ninja outfit. But can you really hide in this, I wonder? It seems like you’d stand out a lot instead...?
Mitsuru Hm? A big sock...? And inside, there’s a ton of sweet buns. Ahaha, this is definitely Mitsuru’s! That’s so like him ♪
Yuta Ah, it’s the famously spicy senbei. Aren’t there rumors that it’s so spicy that those who eat it have to stop before they can finish...? If it’s someone who would like to eat this, wouldn’t it be Hinata’s younger brother...?
Tsukasa This is an assortment of sweets, isn’t it? It’s nostalgic for some reason... That’s right, when I went to the neighboring class, I saw Suou eating sweets, didn’t I...?
Sora Ooh, this is the video game that came out recently! It’s probably Harukawa’s present, right? I’ve also wanted this~! I'm gonna play it with him sometime~☆
Subaru It’s a dog keychain. It’s super sparkly. Oh, it... kind of looks like Akehoshi-senpai’s dog...?
Hokuto These are Hokuto-senpai’s favorite konpeito cream puffs. Ah, but it says that they're a Christmas limited edition. As expected of Hokuto-senpai, to have such distinctive taste... ♪
Makoto Ooh, what stylish gloves. Come to think of it, hasn't Yuuki-senpai been wearing a scarf with the same design as these...?
Souma What a strangely-patterned apron. Is this a print of a katana...? If it’s a katana, maybe... well, there’s only one person who wields a katana around here.
Adonis Huh, doesn’t something smell really good? ...Is this roast chicken? A real one? ...That’s impossible, surely my eyes are playing tricks on me. Ahaha...
Natsume What a pretty piercing. Please look at this; there are red, blue, and yellow stones attached. It's like a traffic light, how cute ♪
Koga This is... a dog collar? Let's see, there’s something written on the back... “Leon”? Ahh, that's the the name of Oogami-senpai’s dog, right?
Ritsu A sound sleep absolutely assured eye mask...? From the name it sounds like you would sleep well with it. Maybe this person struggles to sleep easily? I guess they could be the type who can only sleep in certain ways...
Mao Ooh, this is a super interesting manga...! It’s a pretty obscure work. Man, to think someone knows about it... they must be someone who’s really well acquainted with manga ♪
Yuzuru A set of cleaning tools...? This is a Christmas present... right...? This is surely for someone who likes cleaning daily.
Arashi A pouch with a cat pattern, how cute... ♪ It seems like a pattern that a girl would like... is this really addressed to a student in the idol course...?
Mika Fufu, what a cute teddy bear. But doesn’t this outfit kind of resemble Valkyrie’s uniform? It’s even wearing a hat... ♪
Eichi Woah, that’s a really expensive-looking teacup! I’m glad it didn’t crack~ It’s scary to even think of having to reimburse it...
Keito Hm? Glasses with a weird frame, huh. I heard from Hajime that the vice president likes collecting glasses... so maybe this is a part of that?
Kaoru Those are cool gloves. But “for surfing” is written on them... That’s right, there are a lot of surfboards being kept on the roof, aren’t there? Whose could those be...?
Izumi Whoa, a photobook of Yuuki-senpai? Is this a gift for a fan? Ah, but among the third years, there's someone who's a fervent fan of his, I think...?
Chiaki It’s an old sentai hero figurine. I watched the show it’s from a lot~ Even now, I sometimes watch it with Hajime’s younger brother when I go to his house... ♪
Shu / Mademoiselle Whoa, what a pretty hair decoration! But this is too small for a human to use... Maybe a doll could wear it?
Madara W-What is this... a reindeer? What a weird ornament... Earlier, Mikejima-senpai showed me his antique collection, but I couldn’t understand what was good about it at all...
Kuro A makeup kit? No, it looks like a sewing kit. That reminds me; didn’t Tetora recently break Kiryu-senpai’s sewing kit and dent it?
Wataru Ugh, a creepy mask... This is definitely the masked pervert’s, isn’t it? Even though it’s Christmas, he still wanted something like this... He’s completely beyond understanding.
Kanata This is fish food, isn’t it...? It looks like there are a lot of different kinds. There are a lot of fish kept by the Marine Life Club, so maybe it’s for them?
Rei It’s a parasol. Is this your present, Anzu-san? Eh, it’s not? Now that I think about it, Sakuma-senpai often carries a parasol around with him during the day, doesn’t he...?
Nazuna Ahaha, it’s a ton of button pins...! This is definitely Nii-chan's present. There are even ones with rabbit illustrations. How cute... ♪
Leo It’s a sketchbook and... a pen...? I’ve seen a lot of haphazardly scrawled sheet music graffiti inside the school lately. I wonder if this is addressed to that person...?
Tsumugi Is this a good luck bracelet...? It looks like there’s something like a power stone attached. I think I've seen advertisements on television saying it has ridiculous effectiveness...?
Jin Eh, is this sake!? Or so I thought, but “sake-imitating juice” is written on it... From the perspective of someone who likes sake, this present would feel like a prank, huh... ♪
Akiomi Ah, what a mature handkerchief. If Kunugi-sensei had this, I feel like it would suit him really well... ♪

Image Message Audio
Tetora Nagumo Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas! Seein' the town illuminated with lights gets me excited! I'm gettin' fired up!
Tetora Nagumo Christmas
Hajime Shino Christmas 2017 On Christmas, my family indulges just a bit. I'm excited for what they have in mind... ♪
Hajime Shino Christmas
Tomoya Mashiro Christmas 2017 Um, Merry Christmas... ♪ Ahaha, it's a bit embarrassing to say, but it's a special day, so it feels like it'll be a good day ♪
Tomoya Mashiro Christmas
Hinata Aoi Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas ♪ Bad kids don't get any presents, so I'm being a super good kid right now ♪
Hinata Aoi Christmas
Midori Takamine Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas... ♪ Fufu, I prepared a present for you as well, so would you please accept it...?
Midori Takamine Christmas
Tori Himemiya Christmas 2017 Here, it's a Christmas present for you~ ♪ It's something I chose myself, so take good care of it!
Tori Himemiya Christmas
Shinobu Sengoku Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas ♪ Ninjas have no relation to Christmas, but joyous times are an excellent thing!
Shinobu Sengoku Christmas
Mitsuru Tenma Christmas 2017 Yaaay, you're giving me a present? You're not Santa, but you're so generous, Nee-chan~ ☆
Mitsuru Tenma Christmas
Yuta Aoi Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas ♪ Fufu, this is a time for celebration, so I'll be welcoming you in with an unparalleled smile ♪
Yuta Aoi Christmas
Tsukasa Suou Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas, Onee-sama ♪ Knights will protect Christmas Eve. Of course, though it is not much, I have also gotten a Present for you.
Tsukasa Suou Christmas
Sora Harukawa Christmas 2017 HaHa~ Merry Christmas ♪ The color of happiness is present all throughout town today, so Sora's happy too~ ♪
Sora Harukawa Christmas
Subaru Akehoshi Christmas 2017 Merry Christmaaas! Ahaha, it's so fun seeing everyone's smiles and the sparkling ornaments~♪
Subaru Akehoshi Christmas 2
Hokuto Hidaka Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas. I'm glad I can spend it with you. I hope you can enjoy yourself too.
Hokuto Hidaka Christmas 2
Makoto Yuuki Christmas 2017 Here. Accept this Christmas present from me, 'kay? I carefully thought about it before choosing it~ ♪
Makoto Yuuki Christmas 2
Souma Kanzaki Christmas 2017 "Me ni, kuri tsumarasu"...? No, what is it that everyone has been saying...? Me... Merii Kurisumasu?
Souma Kanzaki Christmas
Adonis Otogari Christmas 2017 Christmas is fairly well celebrated even in my home country, so it is an event that I know of. I have also prepared a present for you.
Adonis Otogari Christmas
Natsume Sakasaki Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas ♪ Let us celebrate togetHER, so that we may have a fun moment together, Little KittEN... ♪
Natsume Sakasaki Christmas
Koga Oogami Christmas 2017 H-Hey... Here's a Christmas present. I got one for you too, so ya better accept it!
Koga Oogami Christmas
Ritsu Sakuma Christmas 2017 Here, a Christmas present ♪ I chose something that I thought you'd like, so you'll probably take a liking to it, won't you...? ♪
Ritsu Sakuma Christmas
Mao Isara Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas~♪ I was worrying over what to get you, so I hope you like it.
Mao Isara Christmas 2
Yuzuru Fushimi Christmas 2017 This morning, the Young Master happily opened presents from Santa. There were clear results from my preparations... ♪
Yuzuru Fushimi Christmas
Arashi Narukami Christmas 2017 Since you're spending this holy night with me, we have to make it something special ♪ Merry Christmas... [kiss] ♪
Arashi Narukami Christmas
Mika Kagehira Christmas 2017 's Christmas~♪ I prepared a present for ya. 'm just like Santa if I do that!
Mika Kagehira Christmas
Eichi Tenshouin Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas... ☆ Come, let's get this party started ♪ Extravagant meals, drinks — There's everything you'll need here.
Eichi Tenshouin Christmas
Keito Hasumi Christmas 2017 I don't have a custom of celebrating Christmas... but, no matter. Merry Christmas. It's enough if I just say this, isn't it?
Keito Hasumi Christmas
Kaoru Hakaze Christmas 2017 On a special day like this, I just wanna be with you... Merry Christmas ♪
Kaoru Hakaze Christmas
Izumi Sena Christmas 2017 Here, Merry Christmas. I also prepared a gift for you, so... you better be happy, got it?
Izumi Sena Christmas
Chiaki Morisawa Christmas 2017 Congrats! It's Christmas! As your Santa Claus, I have a present for you, fuhahaha! ☆
Chiaki Morisawa Christmas
Shu Itsuki Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas. I have a present for you as well, so... stop looking at me with those expectant eyes.
Shu Itsuki Christmas
Madara Mikejima Christmas 2017 Merry Christmaaas! ☆ Santa Mama will give you a present! Make sure to take it! Hahahahaha! ☆
Madara Mikejima Christmas
Kuro Kiryu Christmas 2017 Yo. Merry Christmas, little miss. It's not really the most sensible of presents, but could you take it?
Kuro Kiryu Christmas
Wataru Hibiki Christmas 2017 Merry Christmaaaaas! ☆ Your Wataru Hibiki will pass a present onto you. And it shall be even gaudier than the usual!
Wataru Hibiki Christmas
Kanata Shinkai Christmas 2017 fufu. i love "snow". even in the "sea", there is a kind of "snow" called "marine snow"~... ♪
Kanata Shinkai Christmas
Rei Sakuma Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas ♪ Kukuku, is it odd for a vampire to be celebrating Christmas?
Rei Sakuma Christmas
Nazuna Nito Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas ☆ Santa Nii-chan will gyi... give you a present! ♪
Nazuna Nito Christmas
Leo Tsukinaga Christmas 2017 Christmas sure is nice! The town's bustling with people — us Knights should get together and do a party, too... ♪
Leo Tsukinaga Christmas
Tsumugi Aoba Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas! You look like you're having fun. Well, when it comes to celebrating, nothing's better than enjoying it together... ♪
Tsumugi Aoba Christmas
Jin Sagami Christmas 2017 Yes yes, Merry Christmas. Don't stay with some old guy like me, you need to go and enjoy your Christmas, yeah?
Jin Sagami Christmas
Akiomi Kunugi Christmas 2017 It's useless to hope for a present from me. "Merry Christmas"... I will give you this, at least.
Akiomi Kunugi Christmas

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