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|color = #FE8C80
|color = #FE8C80
|name = Makoto Yuuki
|name = Makoto Yuuki
|image = (Warm Place) Makoto Yuuki CG1.png
|image = (Warm Place) Makoto Yuuki CG.png
|image2 = (Warm Place) Makoto Yuuki CG2.png
|image2 = (Warm Place) Makoto Yuuki CG2.png

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DaIcon (Warm Place) Makoto Yuuki

[あったかい場所] 遊木 真

(Warm Place) Makoto Yuuki

"My eyelids are super heavy~"

(Warm Place) Makoto Yuuki Bloomed


Rarity StarStarStarStar
Dance (min/max/IR): 5,320 / 12,748 / 20,442
Vocal (min/max/IR): 2,580 / 6,180 / 13,728
Performance (min/max/IR): 1,570 / 3,764 / 7,810
*Max refers to stats at Max lvl w/o Idol Road or any Limit Break.
*IR refers to max + Idol Road complete with no Limit Break.
How to Acquire:
Makoto's Introduction (11/26/17 - 12/3/17)

◦ Diamond Scout
◦ 3★ Point Scouting

◦ Unlocks "Special First Place" 1 and 2 Sub Stories and "Praise - 4" Voice Clip in Idol Road.
Reverse Turn
Decreases the opponent's Dance
Lesson Master
Slightly increases acquisition of All Small Jewels
Upgraded Skills
Considerably decreases the opponent's Dance
Considerably increases acquisition of All Small Jewels
Mini Chara
Makoto Yuuki academy idol uniform chibi
Makoto Yuuki Trickstar uniform chibi
Original Bloomed

Scout CG
(Warm Place) Makoto Yuuki Scout CG

Story CGs
(Warm Place) Makoto Yuuki CG
(Warm Place) Makoto Yuuki CG2

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