DaIcon (Timid King) Eichi Tenshouin

[臆病な王者]天祥院 英智

(Timid King) Eichi Tenshouin

"I've finally returned! To the stage I love so dearly!"

(Timid King) Eichi Tenshouin Bloomed

"Both the spotlight and applause make me feel at home."

Rarity StarStarStarStarStar
Dance (min/max/IR): 5,690 / 14,532 / 27,805
Vocal (min/max/IR): 3,220 / 8,223 / 16,885
Performance (min/max/IR): 5,080 / 12,974 / 22,181
*Max refers to stats at Max lvl w/o Idol Road or any Limit Break.
*IR refers to max + Idol Road complete with no Limit Break.
How to Acquire:
Lift the Curtains! Yumenosaki Circus (6/3/15 - 6/14/15)
Achieved by collecting 800,000 and 1,800,000 points during the event.
◦ Unlocks "Circus" Outfit in Idol Road.
Buffalo Step
Increases own Dance
Slightly increases the rate of Fever
Upgraded Skills
Beast Tamer
Considerably increases own Dance
Knife Throwing
Considerably increases the rate of Fever
Mini Chara

Eichi Tenshouin Circus Performance chibi
Eichi Tenshouin Circus Performance chibi
Original Bloomed

(Timid King) Eichi Tenshouin Chibi

Story CGs
(Timid King) Eichi Tenshouin CG
(Timid King) Eichi Tenshouin CG2

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