VoIcon.png (Sea Captain) Chiaki Morisawa

[海の隊長]守沢 千秋

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"We will punish the evil with our own hands!"

Rarity Star.pngStar.pngStar.png
Dance.png (min/max/IR): 1,750 / 4,123 / 11,475
Vocal.png (min/max/IR): 1,970 / 4,640 / 9,864
Performance.png (min/max/IR): 1,170 / 2,756 / 9,221
*Max refers to stats at Max lvl without Idol Road or any Limit Break.
*IR refers to max + Idol Road complete with no Limit Break.
How to Acquire:
Set Sail! Pirates at Sea Festival (8/1/15 - 8/12/15)
Achieved by collecting 10,000, 90,000 and 350,000 points during the event.
◦ Unlocks "Navy" Outfit in Idol Road.
Beginner's Happening
Slightly decreases the opponent's Vocal
Vocal Potential
Slightly increases Vocal during Lesson Battles
Upgraded Skills
Captain's Word of Command
Decreases the opponent's Vocal
Passion Hotter than the Sun
Increases Vocal during Lesson Battles
Mini Chara
Chiaki Morisawa PiratesFes uniform chibi.png
Chiaki Morisawa PiratesFes uniform chibi.png
Original Bloomed

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