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[特技の発揮]乙狩 アドニス

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"Actions speak louder than words."

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Rarity Star.pngStar.pngStar.png
Dance.png (min/max/IR): 1,810 / 4,183 / 10,571
Vocal.png (min/max/IR): 1,050 / 2,424 / 7,286
Performance.png (min/max/IR): 2,110 / 4,873 / 13,590
*Max refers to stats at Max lvl w/o Idol Road or any Limit Break.
*IR refers to max + Idol Road complete with no Limit Break.
How to Acquire:
Burning Up! Yumenosaki Academy Sports Festival (9/15/15 - 9/25/15)
Achieved by collecting 1,500, 70,000, 180,000, 350,000 and 1,100,000 points during the event.
First Live
Slightly increases own Performance
Performance Tips
Slightly increases acquisition of Yellow Fragments
Upgraded Skills
Throwing with Both Hands
Increases own Performance
Connected Fighting Spirit
Increases acquisition of Yellow Fragments
Mini Chara
Adonis Otogari Sports Festival chibi.png
Adonis Otogari Sports Festival chibi.png
Original Bloomed

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