DaIcon.png (Chess Lesson) Tsukasa Suou

[チェスレッスン]朱桜 司

(Chess Lesson) Tsukasa Suou.png

"Alright, Checkmate ♪"

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Rarity Star.pngStar.pngStar.pngStar.png
Dance.png (min/max/IR): 5,280 / 13,147 / 20,765
Vocal.png (min/max/IR): 1,320 / 3,152 / 9,517
Performance.png (min/max/IR): 1,290 / 5,215 / 11,016
*Max refers to stats at Max lvl without Idol Road or any Limit Break.
*IR refers to max + Idol Road complete with no Limit Break.
How to Acquire:
◦ Diamond Scouting.
◦ 3★ Point Scouting.

◦ Randomly acquired starter card if Knights is chosen.

◦ Unlocks Chess Guidance - 1 and 2 Sub Stories and "Line from Main Story - 1" Voice Clip in Idol Road.
Slow Turn
Slightly decreases opponent's Dance
Dance Master
Slightly increases acquisition of All Red Jewels
Upgraded Skills
Heart Throbbing Checkmate
Decreases opponent's Dance
Shining Knight's Honor
Increases acquisition of All Red Jewels
Mini Chara
Tsukasa Suou academy idol uniform chibi.png
Tsukasa Suou academy idol uniform chibi.png
Original Bloomed

Scout CG
(Chess Lesson) Tsukasa Suou Scout CG.png

Story CGs
(Chess Lesson) Tsukasa Suou CG.png
(Chess Lesson) Tsukasa Suou CG2.png

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